2021 Request for Proposal
Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Research, Monitoring, and Action

The OOST and the OAH Council encourage the submission of project proposals from a diversity of entities, including but not limited to the seafood industry, not-for-profit community organizations, resource consultants, local governments, tribal governments, Oregon State agencies, universities and community colleges, and other educational entities. Collaborative proposals with a diversity of partner entities are encouraged. Proposals from entities with demonstrated experience working in Oregon will be prioritized. Federal agencies are not eligible to receive project funds but can be listed as project collaborators for the purpose of leveraging resources and regional expertise. 


Eligible applicant(s) must possess the following attributes and/or demonstrated experience to be considered for funding. Applicants should provide specific examples of work in their 1-page Curriculum Vitae (see Proposal Format and Submission) that demonstrates the following:


  • Specialized scientific knowledge relevant to OAH and/or the ecosystem and processes impacted;

  • In-depth understanding of OAH impacts on industry and/or coastal communities; and

  • Ability to place project findings into the context of regional resource management, planning, and governance.